About Part E

About Part E Testing

When converting any house to flats, you are now required to conform to new regulations as described under PART E of the Building Regulations.

These new regulations are different to the old in one very important way – if you fail the tests the Building Control Officer WILL NOT sign off the property and you will be unable to sell it. This means that you have to make sure that your property will pass the tests.

Do seek our advice before arranging your test. Building control will not sign of the property if it fails.

Have you failed your test?

If you have been unfortunate enough to fail your test already, we also provide a failure analysis service, which will not only identify what went wrong, but provide detailed advice on how to pass in the future.

Sound insulation testing

As part of our range of comprehensive services, part-e-testing.co.uk can arrange for your Sound Insulation Testing to be carried out. Low cost and anywhere in mainland UK

What are the regulations regarding sound testing?

Sound testing is part of the Approved Document E Guidance document with in current Building Regulations.

There are two methods of achieving compliance with Approved Document E

  • Pre-completion Sound Testing
  • New Builds and Property Conversions

Under this method, you are required to carry out sound insulation work in respect of the building in the areas defined within the Document. Once the works have been completed then you are required to have a Sound Test and pass the Sound Test.

If you fail the test then you will have to remedy the problem and carry out further tests to prove the remedial actions have been successful.

Robust Details (New builds only)

Under this method, you are required to carry out sound insulation work to a predefined methodology using specific types of products as set out in the Robust Detail manual.

Once works have been completed as required, you should not require any testing. For more information, visit Robust Details at www.robustdetails.com

Do I need sound insulation tests?

Under Approved Guidance Document E, you will probably need to carry out Sound Insulation Tests if you have or intend to:

  • Build a New Build development of 2 or more dwellings / Flats
  • Converting a former single dwelling into Flats
  • Building a Nursing Home or Rooms for Residential Use ie Hotel or Hostel
  • Not building under Robust Details

The numbers of tests that will be required will depend on the number and configuration of the dwellings involved. Under Approved Guidance Document E, if you have Registered and built New Build Dwellings under Robust Details, then you should not need to carry out testing as long as you have followed their procedures. Please contact us for further clarification.

What is sound insulation testing?

Sound insulation testing is a method of measuring and quantifying the amount of noise reduction achieved between different attached dwellings. In Approved Document Part E of the Building Regulations, there are limits set out for both Airborne and Impact Tests that a separating structure ie Wall or Floor needs to achieve for compliance.

New Build Dwellings have to achieve a slightly better performance as there is a recognition that conversions are more difficult to manage in terms of performance of older structures that can’t be changed.