Given today’s highly specialized markets, it is essential that an engineering and manufacturing organization operate its own development and test facilities to advance the existing technology and assure the quality of its products. At Part-etesting design division we rigorously design, test and implement our products in the mechanical services industry.

Design Division

Structural Acoustics
With over 30 years’ experience in various structures our designers are second to none. Weather designing out structure borne issues in new builds or upgrading floors and walls in period buildings, our services are fast, reliable and affordable.
Plant Acoustic Design
Over the years office buildings have continuously grown in capacity and as such require more plant to be situated at roof or basement level. Part-etesting is involved in the location, design and manufacture of Acoustic screens, enclosures and antivibration mounting of all types of plant.
HVAC Attenuation
We design duct attenuators in response to specific requirements from the mechanical engineering sector, owners and contractors. Our duct silencers provide the most economical choice for solving the wide diversity of noise control problems encountered in HVAC engineering.

Architectural Acoustics
We design the acoustics for concert halls, theatres, opera houses, studios, worship spaces, court houses, office space, lecture halls and galleries, where communication of information of artistic intent is important to the experience. We also work in the residential and educational markets, meeting and exceeding the standards prescribed by current regulations.